Introducing Broker
Money Manager

Introducing Broker

Earn every transaction made by your referred client

As an IV Markets Introducing Broker, once your client became an active trader, you recieve a reward on every transaction made. Designed with a competitive payout structure, additional bonus given when reached the next tier.

  • Multi-tiered payout structure
  • No cap on the rewards
  • Exclusive IB Portal
  • Brand Building

  • International Analyst Team Support

  • Team Building

  • License Application

  • Technical Construction

  • Customized System Development


Earn a commision on each referred customer

As an IV Markets Affiliate, you will need to promote brands visibility, you make profit on each converted client. This partnership from IV Markets, is a volume-based structure that is suitable for all experience levels, offering high quality trading environment and top customer services.

  • Competitve payout structure
  • Multi-lingual marketing tools
  • Exclusive Affiliate Portal

"CPA + Bonus" payout with no limit

Earn high CPA for each referred client plus additional reward. Competitive payout with no limit!

Detailed Real-Time Data

Providing you with detailed, real-time statistics to monitor client growth and promotional results.

Fixed Monthly Settlement Date

Monthly settlement and timely payment

Payout Calculator


Select Country/Region




Minimum Reward

Money Manager

Increased efficiency with MAM & PAMM accounts

IV Markets povides 2 types of managed forex accounts - MAM and PAMM for money managers to allocate flexibly and view real-time commision report, to maximize and optimize your experience. One management account is able to connect to multiple accounts. According to the investing principle or the investing structure to claim fees from clients to enhance your return and provide more efficient services to clients.

  • Efficient account management
  • Customizable trading conditions
  • Real-time report


  • Based on MT4
  • Unlimited number of trading accounts
  • Instant sync between main account and sub-accounts to achieve precise distribution
  • Flexible distribution program
  • Supports multiple trading groups
  • Supporting Export Advisor
  • Real-time risk order management


  • Based on MT4
  • Allocation based on the percentage of transaction volumes
  • Consistent transaction results between the main account and the investor account
  • Regardless of investors’ trading knowledge or ability
  • Supporting Export Advisor
  • Real-time risk order management
  • Competitve Payout Structure

  • 24/5 Multi-lingual Support

  • Vast Marketing Tools

  • Trustable International Broker

  • Trading Academy

  • Diverse Operational Support

  • Fast and Stable Trading Environment

  • Real-time Dashboard

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